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Plassy 50th Anniversary Festival

by Caitriona in  General/Notices

Doolin Coast Guard boats and crew went to Inis Oirr  as part of  the Plassy 50th Anniversary Commemorative Festival.The team members demonstrated some of the climbing gear. The Shannon Coast Guard helicopter landed on the Island and local children were given a tour of the helicopter by the crew.

The Aran Islands Lifeboat was also present and an exercise was carried out by all three rescue services, two Doolin Coast Guard crew members were winched from the Aran Islands Lifeboat to the Helicopter and back onto the boat again.

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Boat in danger of running aground

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 12.30, while Doolin Coast Guard boats were launching they went to the assistance of a 5.5 meter pleasure fishing boat.While approaching Doolin Pier the boat took a wrong approach and headed for rocks and shallow water .The boat clipped it’s prop and listed .The D-Class boat crew went to their assistance and advised on a safe approach into Doolin Pier. The boat was not damaged.

Incident 17/10

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Féile an Phlassy Comóradh 50 mbliana

by Caitriona in  General/Notices

Plassy 50th Anniversary Commemorative Festival.

Photograph of the rescue taken by John Messenger

50 Years ago ,early on the morning of  the 8th March 1960, the Plassy went aground on the Carraig na Finnise reef off Inis Oirr.  All 11 crew were rescued by the Islanders and the Coast Rescue Service using ropes and a Breeches Buoy in  rough conditions. The ship was moved in subsequent storms onto the Island itself.

The official opening of the commemorative events began last night on Inis Oirr with the exhibition of photographs of the rescue  taken by John Messenger, a photographer who was staying on the Island at the time.

The last surviving member of crew , Mike Tobin, was present , and spoke about the rescue. He demonstrated getting  into the Breeches Buoy that took him from the ship onto shore 50 years ago.

A TG4 documentary film on the Plassy was also shown in Aras Eanna.

  • Caitriona:

    Hi Linda,

    Below are some links from Ian that you might find of some interest.

  • Linda Cavanagh:

    My name is Linda Cavanagh ( Murray), my father name is Mr. Charles Murray and he was on the Plassey and was killed two years after on the Oranmore ship which and he was the only member killed another ship crashed into his cabin while he was shaving. If you have any details on that ship again one of the Limerick Steamship ships, I would love some information on it, alot of the paper clipping we had got lost. It was a Mr. John Smyth gave me you website. my three sisters and I went to meet Mike the last member of the Plassey on Innis oirr this weekend and he was really lovely. Told us storys about him and TG4 were down there to interview him. The did show a video of the Plassey and showed a lovely picture of our dad, my other two sisters saw it, but we did not get down till saturday, just missed the ferry. If you have any details on the crash with the Oranmore, which was 6th October 1963 I would love it. I was not born when the Plassey happened but I was one when the Oranmore crashed in Skiibbereen. Thank you!!

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Safety Boat at Ballyvaughan

by Caitriona in  Callouts

Altan at Ballyvaughan

May 28th and 29th

Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked to provide a safety boat for a festival in Ballyvaughan. Much of the festivals activities were based on the waterfront. Over the weekend the tall ship the “Bessie Ellen” was to dock at Ballyvaughan. The Doolin Coast Guard Delta boat proceeded from Doolin to Ballyvaughan for it’s arrival. Later in the evening the D-Class was taken by road to Ballyvaughan and remained there with crew in case needed.

Incident 16/10

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Doolin area search

by Caitriona in  Callouts

Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked to search for a person believed to be  in the area.Coast Guard members and the Ennistymon Gardaí searched shores North of Doolin, the Delta boat was also launched to search. The missing person was located safe and well and team members stood down.

Incident 15/10

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Callout to Fanore and Spanish Point

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 21.57 Doolin Coast Guard was tasked by MRCC Valentia , in response to a call from a member of the puplic. The incident was reported as a hot air balloon in the water off Fanore Beach. The team assembled and the Delta was launched and went North along the coast to Fanore. Other team members went by road along the coast and kept watch see-ward. After arriving on scene and doing a search with very good visibility nothing was found and the Doolin Delta returned to base.

Incident 13/10

Having just recovered the Delta at Doolin Pier , Doolin Coast Guard was tasked again by MRCC , Valentia to investigate a report of five flares seen on the South side of Liscannor Bay in the Spanish Point direction. Delta crew re-launched the boat immediately and proceeded South to location off Spanish Point. Teams members also went by road along the coastline. Nothing was found , all teams returned to base and team stood down.

Incident 14/10

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