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Man injured in a fall

by Admin in  Callouts

The Unit was tasked at 14.00 today by the Marine Rescue Coordination Center in Valentia to an incident at Doolin pier. A man had sustained injuries in a fall. He was treated for head, leg and chest injuries and immobilized. He was later transferred to a HSE Ambulance and taken to Limerick Hospital. The unit stood down at 14.30.

Incident 24/10

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Upturned Watercraft

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 22.00 , The Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked by MRCC Valentia to an incident at Lahinch. A small upturned watercraft was seen about 400m off the shore at Lahinch. The team assembled , some went to Lahinch and others took the D-Class boat by road to Liscannor where the boat was launched. In the meantime a swimmer made himself known to Coast Guard Personnel in Lahinch and explained that he had been out with the  kayak a short time earlier. He had fallen off  and let go of the kayak as he felt he was being  pulled out, he then left the kayak and swam into shore. The boat crew retrieved the kayak and took it into Lahinch Beach. The team returned to base.

Incident 23/10

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Lake Inchiquin

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 22.05, Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked by MRCC Valentia to an incident at Lake Inchiquin , Corofin.A member of the public had seen three people who appeared to be stranded on an Island on the lake , they had a rowing boat but an oar had broken. Team members went to the lake and walked the shore from where there was a clear view of the South side of the Islands. The boat was launched and carried out a search around Woody Island and Slatey Island. No one was one either of the Islands and the team recovered the boat and returned to base.


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Smoke at sea

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 22.00 , MRCC Valentia was called by a member of the public saying they had  seen smoke at sea between the Aran Islands and Ballyvaughan. Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked and some members drove along the coast to Ballyvaughan.There was good visibility ,nothing  was seen and the team returned to base .

Incident 21/10

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Dingle Coast Guard programme

by Caitriona in  General/Notices

Dingle Coast Guard will be featured on German/French TV, Saturday 12th .  360 GEÓ.

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Kayakers rescued in Bellharbour

by Caitriona in  Callouts

While passing Bellharbour Pier, en-route back from Galway , Doolin Coast Guard members saw one kayaker stranded on the mud and another trying to reach her. Bystanders told the team members that the couple had been there for some time at that stage attempting self rescue. Coast Guard members used the other kayak , a throw bag and additional ropes, and waded across the mud as close to the kayakers as was safely possible. The two casualties were  then able to make their way slowly across the soft mud until they could reach the rope. Coast Guard members then pulled them towards the shore, and escorted them back  to the Pier. Both casualties were well but exhausted .

Incident 20/10

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