Flare off Quilty

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Last night , just after the weekly training exercise, Doolin Coast Guard was tasked by MRCC Valentia to an incident off Quilty. A member of the public reported seeing a flare off Quilty and that they could also see lights of a boat west of Mutton Island. The team prepared the Delta for launch, launched from Doolin Pier and proceeded to Mutton Island. The Aran Islands Lifeboat and the Shannon based rescue helicopter, were also tasked and responded. Other Doolin Coast Guard members went by road to check other piers and harbours in the area and to Quilty Pier. Local fishermen from Quilty confirmed that there were no local boats missing from the pier and that the boat that could be seen off the Island was a fishing vessel and had been in that area most of that day.

On arrival at the scene the Doolin Delta boat carried out a search.The boat was confirmed to be the  fishing vessel Ocean Dawn and they communicated through Valentia Coast Guard Radio that they had not seen anything unusual in the area. The vessel moved position and assisted by shining search lights around the area. The Shannon Coast Guard Helicopter also carried out a search. All teams were stood down. It was a false alarm with good intent.

Incident 43/10

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Rescue Services Display at Lahinch

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Doolin Coast Guard , Lahinch Rescue and the Shannon based Coast Guard Helicopter were in Lahinch today. The Delta boat and the D-Class trained together in Lahinch Bay. Other Coast Guard vehicles and personnel were on the Promenade at Lahinch.

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C.A.M.P. Eireann

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Doolin Coast Guard members helped out with a C.A.M.P. event in Lahinch today. C.A.M.P Eireann were based at the Army Camp in Lahinch this week. C.A.M.P ( Chesire Adventure Motivation Project ) began through the cooperation of the Irish Air Corp and the Chesire Foundation of Ireland. Residents of Chesire Homes are all adults with physical disabilities. C.A.M.P. allows persons with serious physical disabilities to improve self esteem, become aware of their potential and become more independent through the use of activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, swimming and survival activities .The organisation provides a meaningful challenge and promotes the welfare and independence of all participants. The Air Corp provided instructors in rock climbing and other activities. The organistion provides constant training of new leaders so the project can continue.

Today some of the participants were taken on a Hover Craft driven by an  Air Corp Corporal at Lahinch Beach and also climbed on the C.A.M.P. climbing wall back at the Army Camp.


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Planning Permission Granted

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Doolin Coast Guard are another step closer to having a new Rescue Centre. Planning permission has been granted for the building of a the new Coast Guard Station in Doolin. The new building will be near  the old Rocket House base and will be capable of storing all vehicles and equipment , along with a communications room, training room, toilets and showers etc.

  • Alan Donovan:

    Well well done on the news, this is well overdue, it’s about time things became easier for the team.

    ye do fab work up there, congrats

    regards and best wishes

  • Brian Jackman:

    Just to say congrats on planning. Nice to see progress and improvement for your Team in the performance of the great work you all carry out. Also important to have good facilities for all after a call out. I’m a memeber of a CG team in the South East.

  • Bernard and Dolores.Delaney:

    Deighted to hear the news! Long overdue. From experience I know that a proper operations/communications centre with the best creature comforts will be of great benefit to you in carrying out your vital duties. And the proper facilities will be of great benefit in destressing and relaxing after the very arduous and demanding missions for which you are often tasked.

    Good luck with the next stage.

  • Joan Reilly:

    About time! well earned.

  • killybegs coastguard:

    good news lads hope you get your building asap

  • John Lawless:

    Great news. A long time coming.

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Small Sailing Boat

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At 13.54 , Doolin Coast Guard team was tasked by MRSC Valentia to an incident at sea. A small sailing boat needed assistance as it’s sail had torn and it had no engine on board, there was a  South Easterly wind which was carrying the boat further from shore. There was just one person on board and the position of the vessel was given as approximately 3 miles off  Blackhead, between the lighthouse on Inis Óirr and the lighthouse on Blackhead. The team assembled , prepared the Delta boat and launched from Doolin.  The small vessel was located shortly after, the person on board was safe and well .  He went on board the Coast Guard boat  and the small sailing boat was towed back to Doolin Pier.

Incident 42/10

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Injured Climber at Ailladie

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Doolin Coast Guard was tasked by MRSC Valentia to an incident at Ailladie, North of Doolin. A HSE Ambulance was already on route to the location. A 64 year old man had fallen while climbing , he had fallen 20 ft down the cliff when his harness and ropes stopped him falling further. He had hit a ledge in the fall and broken his arm. Another group who were climbing nearby hauled him back up to the top of the cliff. The HSE ambulance crew and Coast Guard members arrived and treated his injuries . He was then stretchered to the ambulance and taken to Ennis General Hospital.

Incident 41/10

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