Search , Cliffs of Moher area

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Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked by MRSC , Valentia, to assist in a search for a missing person in the Cliffs of Moher area. Teams assembled and began searching along with the Shannon Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter . Teams stood down at dark and resumed the search early in the morning the following day along with the SARDA Dog Team and the Shannon Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter.

Searches continued on the third day with Coast Guard members , along with family , friends and local people covering large stretches of coastline from Hags Head to Ballyreen.

Search will resume at low tide.

Searches continued on Tuesday covering shoreline and beaches along the coast. With stormy weather conditions it was too dangerous to walk the cliff top.

Wednesdays and Thursdays searches ,  covered large stretches of coast line, moving further North and South to Spanish Point and Fanore. Killkee Coast Guard members assisted in the search on Thursday.

On Friday, search teams walked a large area of coastline again, covering cliff tops and beaches from Spanish Point to Fanore. The Shannon Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter assisted along with members of Killaloe Coast Guard Unit.

Kilkee Coast Guard members assisted the Doolin team today along with over 120 members of the public. Coastlines South to Quilty and North to Fanore were searched.

On Sunday, the team as assisted by members of Kilkee and Killaloe Coast Guard Units, as well as some members of Clare Civil Defence and a large number of searchers.

The search resumed on Monday with shores and cliff tops along the coast being searched. The Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter assisted with the search.

Searches continued . Doolin Coast Guard team were officially stood down from the search on 23 December.

Incident 45/11

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Surfer in difficulty

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At 12.05 today, Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked by MRSC , Valentia to assist a surfer reported to be in difficulty in Lahinch . Teams assembled and  boats were prepared for launch. Some teammembers were on scene in Lahinch within minutes. Shortly after the team was stood down as the surfer had returned to shore .

Incident 44/11


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Cliffs of Moher

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At 15.30 , Doolin Coast Guard Unit was tasked by MRSC , Valentia, to assist in the search for a person reported missing at the Cliffs of Moher. The Shannon Coast Guard Helicopter, Rescue 115 , was tasked . Teams assembled , the boat was launched and searches commenced north and south of the area. The SARDA Dog with the team searched the farmland South of the Cliffs of Moher leading up to the Cliffs. The casualty was spotted in the water a short time later by the cliff top team . The body was recovered onto the Coast Guard boat .

Incident 43/11

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Night exercise on Blackhead

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Doolin Coast Guard team on Blackhead Mountain, Tuesday nights excercise. The team practiced compass and pacing skills by taking seperate routes to the top of Blackhead . A search exercise was organised at the top to find hidden items followed by a proper line search on the way down to locate a missing person.

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Visit to Kilrush RNLI Station

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Doolin Coast Guard members visited Kilrush RNLI Station . Members observed their launching and recovery procedures and discussed other equipment and the boats. Thanks to the Kilrush RNLI team for the knowledge shared .

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Bullock recovered from ravine

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Doolin Coast Guard and Clare Civil Defence monitored the recovery of a bullock from a swallow hole. The animal had fallen 40 feet into the water and it had managed to get back onto a narrow ledge . The farmer was unable to get the animal from the ravine without assistance. The bullock was cold and a vet was on hand to look after the bullock when it was taken to the top of the ravine.

Incident 42/11

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