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Dog rescued from sea cliff

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 14.54 today, Doolin Coast Guard unit was tasked to recover a dog that had fallen down a sea cliff near Cross , south of Kilkee. The dog had not been seen since yesterday and the owners had been searching for her. The crew of a fishing boat spotted the dog this morning trapped on a ledge. It was not possible to reach the dog without climbing equipment. The team, along with members of Kilkee Coast Guard Unit, set up the climbing gear and two climbers went down and recovered the dog using a canine harness. Rosey, a young boxer,  was a little frightened and cold with a minor injury to a leg but was otherwise well and delighted to be reunited with her owners. The fishing boat stayed close by and communicated with the Coast Guard team.

Incident 02/12

  • greer zell:

    YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Boxers are one of the best breeds out there. Have been owned by quite a few boxers since 1980…. THANKS for your rescue!!!

  • Michelle Moore (USA Alabama):

    I love hearing about the kindness of humans and how far they are willing to go to protect an animals life. We have good hearted people here too, but could sure stand to have more of them. I’m so happy for you and Rosie. I cannot imagine the fear of having that happen to my beloved pet.

    Prayers for a speedy recovery are being sent your way!

  • margaret and Pat considine:

    We would just like to thank all the members of the Doolin and KIlkee coastguard units for all their hard work in rescuing our dog Rosie yesterday from the cliff ledge. She is a bit shocked today and doesnt want to go out at all not sure if there is a break or not in her leg but she has been seen by the vet and he will review her again on Monday.We are so glad to have her back and are still hoping her mother Ruby will turn up.Thanks again for the excellent job and professionalism with which you carried out the rescue.Margaret Pat and Rosie xx

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Climbing Assessment

by Caitriona in  Training

Doolin Coast Guard Unit successfully completed their annual Climbing Operational Readiness Assessment and equipment check last night. The team carried out 3 rescue scenarios on the cliff . The assessment began at 14.00 with Cliff scenarios beginning at 17.45.

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Doolin unit and Kerry Mountain Rescue visit Shannon Base

by Caitriona in  General/Notices

Members of Doolin Coast Guard Unit and members of Kerry Mountain Rescue visited the Shannon Coast Guard Helicopter base to see the new Sikorsky S92. The helicopter works on many call outs with both teams. Crew members showed the teams around the new  helicopter  and discussed the new features , capabilities and differences.



  • Fergal Collins:

    well wear, she looks a treat, may she mind ye well.

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