Coast Guard Marine Co ordination.

The IRCG coordinates Search and Rescue (SAR) through its Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in Dublin (located in Leeson Lane off Leeson Street) and Maritime Rescue subcenters (MRSC) at Malin Head, Co. Donegal and Valentia Island, Co. Kerry. Each MRCC or MRSC is responsible for SAR operations and the day to day running of its allocated Division.


The Coast guard Helicopter at Shannon is our main resource and a great benefit to the whole of the west coast of Ireland. The twin-engine S61N Sikorsky medium lift helicopter has a cruising speed of 110 knots. The Sikorsky is capable of over 4 hours endurance . Coast Guard helicopters are fitted with forward looking infrared radar (FLIR) to detect the heat signature of a person or life raft in the water.

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Flank Stations

With 52 teams around the coast each coast guard unit has a team either side of them to assist if the need arises. These teams are refered to as Flank stations. see Map Mashup . In the case of the Doolin unit our Flank stations are Killaloe, Kilkee which is 30 miles to the south and Costelloe bay on the northern side of Galway bay. We can call on these teams for assistance with manpower, vehicles, radios or any other relevant purpose. We can request these through Shannon Coast guard Co-ordination center.


The SEVERN Class all weather lifeboat stationed on Inismore on the Aran Islands is about 20 miles from Doolin. The Aran lifeboat can operate at a long range and rough sea conditions. It has a range of 250 nautical miles and a speed of 25 knots. It has a crew of six and weight is 41 tonnes.

The RNLI also have an Atlantic 75 (7.5 mt RIB) based in the docks in Galway city

SARDA (Search and Rescue Dog Association of Ireland)

SARDA Ireland is a voluntary emergency search and rescue organisation concerned with the training , assessment and deployment of air scenting search and rescue dogs to search for missing persons.

Caitriona (Doolin Coast Guard member) and Zac qualified as a Search Dog Team with SARDA in 2008, and were on the callout list for over 4 years,  assisting with call outs locally and all over the country. Zac is now enjoying a well deserved retirement .Caitriona and Zac were assessed continuously by members of SARDA England, SARDA Wales and SARDA Northern Ireland. Presently there are three search dog teams in Ireland and some in Northern Ireland.

These dogs can cover huge areas efficiently and are especially effective where human sight is limited. Airscenting SAR dogs , or non-scent discriminating SAR dogs can work where other searchers have been or where other people have passed through. They do not require a scent article.They are trained to detect the presence of any human scent in the area.

Other Agencies

As the need arises other agencies such as The Navy (Including Divers), the Garda (Including Divers), Ambulance service and the Fire Service can be accessed.

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