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Missing Teenager

by Caitriona in  Callouts


Doolin Coast Guard were called at 04.56 to search for a  teenager, reported missing in the Doolin area. Unit members assembled at the Rescue Centre and teams immediately commenced searches in the Doolin village area and at further locations. The Shannon based Rescue Helicopter assisted in the search.

The local  SARDA  Search Dog linked to the team  was  tasked and a short time later he located the teenager.  The Coast Guard / SARDA search dog  team then found the boy safe and well and he was reunited with his group.

Incident 12/09

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Small boat out of fuel

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 18.51 the team were tasked to assist a boat out of fuel off Inisheer.The vessel in difficulty did not know their exact location. The Boat crew launched , taking extra fuel with them,while other members tried to locate the boat from land, along the coast. Within fifteen minutes the vessel was located about 2 miles North East of Inisheer. Four of the five people on board were taken on the Doolin boat while they refueled.  One of the Doolin crew stayed on board the small vessel with the coxain and they were accompanied back across Galway Bay to Spiddal.

Incident 11/09

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Cliffs of Moher Search

by Caitriona in  Callouts

cliffs of moher

Doolin Coast Guard Unit were called to the Cliffs of Moher to search for a missing person. Teams  searched along the cliffs until light faded. The Coast Guard Boat launched and searched the coast along with the Shannon based Coast Guard Helicopter.

Incident 09/09

Days 2, 3 ,4 and 5

Coast Guard teams along with some Gardaí searched the cliffs both morning and afternoon, while the boat carried out a search of the coast. The helicopter searched the area later in the day. The coast from Doolin to Hags Head was searched by air, sea and by land searchers.On the third day,Doolin Coast Guard search teams covered the coast from Hags Head to Doolin while Gardaí and family members  concentrated on areas further along the coast.Teams again covered the coast from Ballyreen to Hags Head with the help of family members on the following day, searchers also concentrated on areas further along the coast in both directions.Teams returned to base and searched the areas again towards evening.

Days 6, 7 and 8

The search effort continued as search teams , along with family members searched the coast along the Cliffs of Moher area and further along the coast on each day. The Doolin Coast Guard boat launched in the morning and searched from Doolin to Hags Head.Search teams regrouped at Doolin Base and went out again in the afternoon to search again. A very heavy fog hampered the search effort on the seventh day. Teams went out again towards evening.Gardaí assisted in the shore search and the D-class and Doolin Boat launched in the afternoon and searched from Hags Head and North of Doolin on day 8.

Days  9,10 and 11

Teams and family members continued the search ,in the morning and again towards evening.The coastline from Clahane to Ballyreen was searched by shore teams . The Shannon based Coast Guard Helicopter also carried out a search in the evening of the 11th day

Days  12,13 and 14

Teams searched the cliffs and coastline from Quilty to Fanore. Family members and Gardaí helped in the search effort.The D-Class launched from White Strand and carried out a search around Mutton Island. The coastline was searched again on day 13, covering areas from White Strand to Ballyreen. Local people on Inis Oirr searched the shores of the Island. The Coast Helicopter also carried out a search over Mutton Island, the Cliffs of Moher , the coastline to Fanore and the Aran Islands.

The search will be scaled down but will continue.

  • Grainne:

    hey guys.I’m sitting here trying to come up with the words to express my gratitude to each one of you but my level of vocab is failing me.I hope you can comprehend how much your support meant to us all. You are all such amazing people the comfort and support you gave us all was unbelievable. You gave us courage, strength and hope. Your professionalism, warmth and generous spirit will never be forgotten. I love you all. Thank you so so much. Grainne. xxx

  • Sharon:

    The relentless searching and support of the coast guard can not be put in to words, it means so much to all those close to the much loved missing person….our thoughts are with you all….

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Search at the Cliffs of Moher

by Caitriona in  Callouts



Towards evening the team were called out to search for a missing person in the Cliffs of Moher area.Doolin Coast Guard teams carried out searches.   Searches of the area were  also carried out by a SARDA search dog team. The boat was launched and searched from Doolin to Hags Head, the Shannon based rescue helicopter also assisted.Gardaí and members of the public assisted in the search.

Incident 08/09


Day 2,3,4 and 5

Doolin Coast Guard boat along with the two D-Class boats launched and searched from Doolin to Liscannor, the Coast Guard boat continued the search to Whitestrand.Search teams covered large areas of coastline walking the cliffs and the Shannon based Helicopter again assisted in the search effort. Lahinch Rescue also assisted, searching along the coast from Lahinch to Clahane.On the third day, extensive searches were carried out along the coast ,  from Whitestrand to Doolin.Gardaí and members of the public assisted. The Shannon Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter carried out a search and LoughRee Sub Aqua Club launched their boat at Doolin and searched from Doolin to Liscannor.

Over 60 km of coastline was searched by Doolin Coast Guard members, members of the public and  Gardaí who walked the cliffs and shores in teams on day four. The Shannon Coast Guard helicopter again carried out a search of the area.

On the fifth day of the search, Doolin Coast Guard Unit, Killaloe Coast Guard members, Gardaí and members of the public continued the search , again covering the coastline from Quilty to Doolin.The search effort ended towards evening as a body,believed to be that of the missing person, was located.

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Lost Person in the Caher Valley

by Caitriona in  Callouts


AT 13.10 , Doolin Coast Guard Unit were called to locate a woman who had become lost while out walking during very bad weather.  Search teams covered the green roads in the area where the woman was thought to be and were in contact with her by mobile phone. One of the roads to the  area was blocked by a large fallen tree and it had to be cut and towed out of the way to gain access.She was able to take shelter from the weather in a stone cabin and wait while search teams reached her.Though cold, she was safe and well.

Incident 05/09

  • John:

    Great site lads! Best Wishes.

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Slieve Callan

by Caitriona in  Callouts

At 18.15 , Doolin Coast Guard were called to Slieve Callan. A man had become lost on the hill as fog descended.On arrival at the scene ,it was found that the man had been able to make his way down safely as friends had guided him out with the use of mobile phones.Gardaí were also at the scene.

Incident 42/08

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